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Teresa Aziam 





Teresa Aziam





Wayseer, Visionary, Author, Speaker, Inspirational Leader, Reiki Master, Intuitive Business Strategist, Wife, Mother, Friend

Known as the Conscious Creation Maven, Teresa Aziam (“Az-I-am”) teaches spirit-driven visionary entrepreneurs how to move from creating a mediocre business by unconscious design to an extraordinary business and life by conscious choice. By blending Universal Principles with Strategic Business Building Tools her clients are able to create a business that thrives and a life lived on their own terms!


Teresa is a psychic empath and visionary leader and her own journey over the past 20 years has been fertile soil for developing the tools and techniques she teaches today and her candid, down-to-earth style and great sense of humor make her relatable and a joy to learn from.


"I have spent years listening to countless webinars, participating in seminars and meeting with business coaches, but nothing was reaching my being. I did not know where I wanted to go, so having a plan of action was meaningless -

action for what? I was longing for coaching that would get to the core of my life purpose.


Working with Teresa has allowed my Soul to  flow with answers in deep peace and knowingness. It is hard to describe. All the questions that  had held me back were being answered from the level of the heart and soul rather than an intellectual construct.


I would highly recommend a working relationship with Teresa to anyone ready for immediate and lasting change at a core level!"


Rita R


"My creativity has started flowing again and I felt released from a place of impossibility. I realized that I was able to enjoy my work again ... Coaching at its best!"


Eva W


"Working with Teresa has exceeded my expectations!  As a new entrepreneur I had many areas of doubt, but Teresa’s approach cut to the heart of my challenges and brought me clarity, inspiration and a new way of “seeing” my world.  It’s an experience I’ll never forget!  Thanks Teresa!"


June D

"...  through Teresa's unique insight and ability to focus on exactly the right issue at exactly the right time, I've made progress that I never thought possible. My trust in her and belief in her natural coaching ability is absolute; I can't imagine working with anyone else." 

Diana D

"Before I started working with Teresa I wasted a lot of time and didn't have direction. I knew I'd love it after the first session and the results were pretty immediate - clients began calling and are still. It's been amazing. Things happen that just make me smile."

Glynis M

"Teresa has helped me with solid insight and mentoring for a long time, and has recently incorporated new approaches and techniques which really helped shift me into action and confidence. Her work with me has been invaluable to my success in attaining my goals - and more importantly, PEACE in my life."

Dr. D. Vigil, MD

"Wow! Just one session with you and you're totally blowing my mind on what is possible for me! I feel so much freer and clear! I can't wait to get started with you!"

W. Hanson, Toronto